8 Proven Methods To Help You Find a Student Job in Germany

How to find student job in Germany

Of all the perks of studying in Germany, the permission of working part-time alongside your studies must be one of the best.

Personally, I have always taken advantage of this opportunity and during my, at the time of this writing, 4 years in Germany, I have been able to finance myself without having to ask my parents for support.

.. and there are dozens of others like me.

You’ve probably been dreaming of this financial freedom as well right?

The only hinderance; JOB

Well, in my last 4 years of toiling, I’ve been able to gather a lot of unique ways to help you find a student job in Germany – albeit not a dream job.

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1. Indeed

Indeed - How to find a student job in Germany

This has to be my favorite website when it comes to job searching because of how diverse it is in its offerings.

It has a great accumulation tool that returns multiple offers and updates often. The user interface is simple enough and design-wise, distractions are quite minimal.

Once you’ve created an account, search for the following terms in your city,

Mini Job

The good thing about Indeed is that it saves your searches on its homepage and updates them daily.

Find a part-time student job in Germany

To get even better results, we need to set some filter.

Choose any one of the options and then click ‘Erweiterte Jobsuche


Next, scroll to end of the page and set the following filters.

Indeed Job Search

Note: You don’t have to individually change it for every search term i.e one change applies to all

With these filters in place, you won’t be seeing a plethora of jobs offers, but only the ones that have been posted since you last visited the website.

The only thing left to do is to visit Indeed every now and then and cheery pick the jobs that interest you.

Personally, I had the Indeed app installed on my phone. Every night, before going to sleep I would look at all the new entries and saved whatever interested me – Applied there the next day.

2. Arbeitsfirmen in der Nahe – (Work Companies Near Me)

From my personal experience, this is has been the fastest way that I have gotten a job – Sometimes within the same week as I started applying.

For this process, we’re going to leverage the power of the mighty Google once again.

In this day and age, the fastest way to search for a business and get accurate information is through Google.

How often do we find ourself looking for doctor, shops or addresses on Google?

For this reason, companies go above and beyond to advetise the accurately on Google.

Google the term, „Arbeits Firmen + City

and click on „Mehr Orte” at the bottom.

Arbeits Firmen

This will take you to a directory of companies listed under this search term and their contact information among many other things.


Double check whether the listed companies are actually employment agencies.

Finally, give them a call one by and explain them that you’re a student looking for a job and your availability – Try and ask for a personal appointment on the same day or the next.

As mentioned, I once used this trick and called a company and got an appointment for the afternoon and signed a contract by the end of the week.

It’s just a matter of putting yourself out there.

3. Facebook Groups

I was especially amazed when I came across a group dedicated to job in my city.

Evern more so when I saw that it has more than 50k member posting on a daily basis.

Chances are, there is a dedicated FB Group for almost every niche. All you have to do it find one and get going.

Open Facebook and search for „Jobs in + City

Alternatively searches can include, Stellenmarkt + City, Arbeit + City, Jobbörse + City.

Facebook groups for job finding in Germany for students

As you can see, for Düsseldorf alone, there are 3 different active groups totalling 70K members.

There even is a group dedicated to English Jobs with 6.7k members.

There is a mixture of postings for job offers and people doing self-advertisements.

You can take either route and it’ll put you in a situation where you’ll be getting fast replies.

4. University Advertisement Boards

If you’ve ever visited a University Cafeteria (Mensa), then you’ve probably came across a wall or a board with a huge number of advertisement posters pinned to them.

It looks something like this;

University Mensa

The advertisements range from parties, groups, accomodation and jobs among other things.

Due to the nature of this method, students are ones pinning these posters in search of other students.

These offers are always up to date and often last no more than a week so your best bet is to scan the posters, find something interesting and call them immediately.

Speed is the name of the game here.

5. Working at the University

As a student, what would be better than working at the University you’re enrolled in?

Not only would you be earning money, but you’ll be gaining relevant experience in a specific field of study and thus increasing your market value for future employment.

Luckily, these types of positions aren’t that tough to find.

Head over to google are search for the term, „University + Studentische Hilfskraft

For the purpose of this article, I’ll search for „Uni Hannover Studentische Hilfskraft“

Finding a student job in the University

The first search results looks promising.

Clicking on it take us to the University’s internal job portal.

Setting a few filters return the following results.

Finding a student job in the University

As you can see, at the time of this writing, the University of Hannover has 3 open positions in the field of Mechanical Engineering that require an enrolled Student without a degree.

Every University has a job portal where internal positions are advertised!

As already mentioned, these jobs would serve you best for future preparations and at the same time fullfiling your financial needs.

6. eBay Kleinanziegen

It comes as no surprise that the Craigslist of Germany is a popular destination among employers and job seekers.

Like every other website, all we need to do is set some filters and then we’re good to go.

Choose the city you’re located in and set the category as shown in the picture below;

eBay Kleinanziegen for Job Search

On the next page, click on the „Angebote” option

Note: Gesuche – People post their profiles for potential employers to find.

eBay Kleinanziegen for Job Search

eBay Kleinanziegen is one of the most popular and active sites on the internet in almost all categories related to classified advertisements.

It only makes sense to make use of it when job-hunting.

Note: Make sure you don’t fall for those “Work from Home” scam.

eBay Kleinanziegen for Job Search

7. Studietemps / Jobmensa

If there is one single company that has the goal of connecting students in Germany with employers with the highest amount of transparency, it must be Studietemps.

Studietemps is the face of the organization, while their other website, Jobmensa acts a job advertisement portal.

Either you can navigate your way through Studietemps, or better go directly to Jobmensa.de

Once you’ve created an account and are logged in, click on Studietemps at the top of the window.


First, you’ll need to fill the form with your personal information.

Once you’re done, click on Jobmensa and enter your city and specify your range of travel.


Studietemps works with numerous companies and the always have a available offers.

What I really like about them is that on top of detailed job descriptions, they even show you how much you’ll be paid and some jobs go upto 15-17€ per hour.

Once you’ve followed the steps, applying for a job is very straightforward.

Click on anything that interests you and just press submit.

Tip: Make sure to thoroughly read the description to see if you both are a good fit for each other.

Note: Similar website – UCM

8. Going for a Walk

Yes! We’re still on topic of finding the perfect job for you and this is another legitimate method.

Despite living in the age of the Internet, some people still tend to stick to the traditional ways.

Perhaps they want to avoid the hassle of learning new stuff? Perhaps they don’t want to evaluate applications after applications or perhaps their traditional method is yet to fail them.

Whatever the reasons are.. frankly they don’t matter – Reasons don’t pay the bills do they?

You’ve probably guessed what the method is.

Flyer Advertisements;

There are a bunch of business that still rely on such methods to fulfill their demand for workforce.

The best part is that you can find these opportunities without even searching for them.

I almost always come across a few such posters when I’m out shopping/Strolling in the city center. All you need is a keen eye.

Final Words

I hope I’ve covered this topic from ever possible angle and you were able to learn something from it.

Either way, which method would you say seems the most helpful?

I’d say n.o# 5

But that’s just me. Lemme know your favourite method in the comments below

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